First Voting! +++Spectecular Spring Photo Contest+++

Hey there, dear readers, followers and all the others, guess what: Spring has finally arrived, the summoning worked, hell yeah! The storms here in Germany are gone and replaced by beautiful sunny and WARM weather. Was about time, right? The countless pictures that flew into my email account were not just good, they were awesome. These pictures below, ladies and gentlemen, were the fifteen best, believe me when I tell you, that they were not easy to chose. But our work here is done, now it is up to you:

  • You have three votes
  • Distribute these votes to your favorite pictures
  • Feel free to share the voting in your social media, but do not exaggerate! 
  • The three pictures with the most votes will reach the final!
  • The vote will be open until Sunday, the 19th of April, so hurry up, vote and share the pictures you love 🙂

Picture #1

Let me introduce you to the Spring-Deer! 🙂 This entry came from Alexandra Treske and her awesome blog about Japan, Kirschblütentraum. Quote from the photographer:

“I have never seen a deer from this short distance. This one tore away my city map when I took out my camera. It must have expected something delicious when the paper of the map rustled. I was kind of worried about the creature comfort of the deer, since paper is not the healthiest thing to eat for an animal, but it wouldn’t give back the map. Finally, a Japanese tourist rescued the dear from a paper congestion with attracting it with a tasty deer oblate!”

What a lovely photo model 🙂


© Alexandra Treske

Picture #2

The next entry comes from Denkmalvertikal, an awesome blog about Sweden. I love Sweden, as some go you know.

“I took it last year in April, exactly on my birthdayThe flower on the Picture is called crocus and it is my favorite flower in spring. I’ve had a lot of photos, but I chose this because it symbolizes Spring. The whole nature is grey and dismal about the winter, but the crocus shows a new year, the first sign of summer. So, that was my selection.”


Picture #3

This stunning picture from the Irish coastline was brought to us by Jana B., she runs a blog called warmer Sommerregen. Make sure to visit her 🙂

I’ve made it at Easter in Ireland, where you’ve got all seasons just in five minutes. 😉 In the back you can see the Cliffs of Moher.”


© Jana B.

Picture #4

This sea of golden flowers was sent in by Vannie. This is her blog!

“This picture is very special to me. It was taken a day before Easter and my first vacation in England during my masters.”


Picture #5

Seagull watching the sunset on its throne. 🙂 Bélén Strehl (winner of the last photo contest!) captchured this beautiful picture. She also wrote a blogpost about this, hit this link to read it.

“My picture was taken last monday in a park named Kayak Point right on the Puget Sound of Washington State. Like the name of my post where this picture is shown says, this sunset saved my sanity! It was beautiful”


© Bélén Strehl

Picture #6

Elizabeth Marlow has sent this beautiful flower to me! Check out her blog! Bees are essential to make spring come alive. 🙂

“This picture was taken at my friend’s lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains in California, where Spring has been happening since February!”


© Elizabeth Marlow

Picture #7

Another flower but no bee! This beauty comes from Sarah Han, this is her blog!

“I took this picture a couple years ago in Los Angeles during the Spring Festival”


© Sarah Han

Picture #8

Sandra Blair caught this mighty bird. Visit her Photo Page here!

“Spring in Florida!  Wading birds like this Great Egret are all sporting their most elegant mating plumage hoping to attract a suitor. Taken at Gatorland Rookery near Orlando, FL on January 29, 2015.  Windswept, ISO 400, f10, 1/1600 sec, 100mm.”


© Sandra Blair

Picture #9

Grumpy Cat number two. 🙂 This lovely Cat comes from Kathi, this is her little blog!

“This photo is far away from perfection, but this is spring for me: sitting on the terrace outdoors, listening to the happily twittering birds and looking into the first sun rays.”


Picture #10

This pictures is from China and was sent in by Laura Schmitt! Wang Tiantian is a German-English journalist and blogger currently living in Nanjing. She writes about the intercultural relationship with her Chinese husband from Inner Mongolia and all the funny things that happen when you try planning a wedding in one of the most superstitious countries in the world! Check out her blog!

“The picture was taken at the Gaochun Golden Flower Festival. The so-called “Golden Flower” is the yellow rape flower seen here in the middle of this picture and it blossoms every year in the outskirts of Nanjing around this time. The festival is held in Yaxi Slow City, one of Nanjing’s fringe districts and China’s first village to be awarded this status by Cittaslow. They support sustainable development and their last factory closed down 20 years ago. This is true Chinese countryside. Also, we now have 32 degrees, up from about 15 a week ago, so Nanjing really barely has a spring time as such. A hilarious joke I heard recently was that in Nanjing, summer and winter fell in love and wanted to be together, so they killed spring and autumn, and indeed I have never experienced either of those two for more than two weeks.”


Picture #11

This one comes from Jessica-Jyscofski, make sure to hit the link to her blog!


© Jessica Myscofski

Picture #12

Tamara Reichold took this amazing photograph!

“This Photo was taken in March in Luang Prabang, Laos. I instantly fell in love with the colors of the plants nearby the building – it is full of harmony, contrast and vigorous! Colorful flowers and good weather = Spring! This scenery prepared me for this season.”
Hit the link to her website here!

© Tamara Reichold

Picture #13

Crystal clear waters. Wow! The spring picture was brought to us by Nirmala Narendra Nath. This is the website!

“This picture was taken in Lake Matheson, New Zealand.  To me, this captures the beauty of Spring, with clear skies, cotton puff clouds and beautiful water reflecting the glory of a wonderful Spring day.  And hope, hope of new beginnings and new opportunities and harmony.”


© Nirmana Narendra Nath

Picture #14

This entry comes from the Florida-based blogger Bearspawprint, check her out!

“Spring Color: In some part of the world winter seems to linger, but in North East Florida, Spring arrived on time, this year, and last.”

Picture #15

Last but not least, this beautiful path covered in flowers, sent to me by Catherine Umphrey! 

“Here’s a photo that I took while living in Cordoba, Spain.  It was taken at the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs).”

IMG_0046 These pictures were awesome! I would like to thank every single contributor who made this happen, also the ones that I couldn’t chose for the final 15. I am really excited to see who makes it into the finals. Happy voting and sharing and enjoy the sun, Cheers, AP


26 thoughts on “First Voting! +++Spectecular Spring Photo Contest+++

  1. Beautiful shots! Oh, by the way, I think you meant the time line is the 19th of April instead of October?

  2. Thank you soo much for choosing my pic for the best 15! That’s great 🙂 :). Even if I had not known that I was in “Luang Parkbank” – thought about Luang Prabang – but it sounds nice and it’s another Spring thing (in Spring it’s time to sit on the German Parkbank for the first time of the year) so it’s ok 😉 ;). Thanks so much again. I like all of the pics you did choose. Best wishes

  3. O MY GOSH thank you that I am a part of the best 15! I think that I never come in. And now, I see all that IMPOSSIBLE BEAUTIFULL Pictures ! And my photo with them together! It’s fantastic. All photos include a Special and reflect the character of spring. Love them all 😉

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