On the Roofs of Marvellous Munich!

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As some of you know from one of my last posts, I’ve happened to be in Munich some weeks. What can I say? It was my first time in this beautiful town, I wish I could have stayed a little longer. Here we go!

It’s funny, I’ve never been to Munich before in my life, although I’m German. It is also funny, that people all around the world consider the Bavarian  stereotype as the typical German, while us Germans often jokingly say that going to Bavaria is equal to going abroad. 😀

I really loved the airport, it is quite new for German standards (finished in the 1990s) and unlike the new airport in Berlin, it was finished quite timely. 😀 The ways from gate to gate are very short and comfortable. If you are interested in some more information, have a look here.




Munich is both, the capital and largest city of Bavaria, home to roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. The alps are not far away from the city, resulting in stunning views on the high mountains (at least on more sunny days). The heart of the city is the Marienplatz, that is where Munich’s townhall is located. It is the building on the right.


Of course, members of the government get hungry (and thirsty) sometimes: the Ratskeller, right underneath the Townhall, is the perfect place for grabbing a beer and eating some decent Bavarian food. Or beer. Most certainly both. 🙂


The weather was more than shitty in the morning and the noon! Everything was grayish and the conditions for taking photos were far from perfect  😦



Guess what? I was quite lucky! The sun came out again in the evening. I found a great place right in the center of Munich that offered a breathtaking view all over Bavaria’s capital. Its on top of an old church, proudly bearing the name “Alter Peter” (that’s old Peter in English). It’s really affordable: just pay two bucks and you can climb on top. Literally climb! You gotta take 300 steep steps to reach the roof. But trust me, it’s more than worth the work – have a look:




I wish I could have stayed more than just one day, but I am sure that I’ll return to this great city again, soon. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip report. Cheers, AP


34 thoughts on “On the Roofs of Marvellous Munich!

  1. This is simply amazing. For someone like who sees the world through others lens with the hope of making one day to the list of places in the bucket list to be crossed off…..these pictures will leave an imprint never to be erased.

  2. Everyone has said great things about your photos. I’m not sure what to add. All are amazing. Made them larger on my phone and was able to enhance the details. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wirklich schöne Stadt, muss man schon sagen; muss mir die Stadt noch mal im Sommer anschauen. 🙂 Vielen Dank, haha, irgendwann kommt man immer nach Hause 🙂

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