Germanwings Co-Pilot Said to Crash the A320 deliberately! (Lufthansa Press Conference!)

After it was found out yesterday, that one of the cockpit crew members was locked out of the cockpit until the impact,  The chief Marseille prosecutor, Brice Robin, stated that the cockpit voice recorder gives evidence that the First Officer of 4U9525 crashed the Airbus on purpose! From all the investigators found yet, it looks like the First Officer “wanted to destroy the aircraft”

Robin, furthermore, said that “at this moment, in light of investigation, the interpretation we can give at this time is that the co-pilot through voluntary abstention refused to open the door of the cockpit to the commander, and activated the button that commands the loss of altitude.”

Co-Pilot Alive until Impact

Rumors, that the pilot died inside the cockpit, were stated untrue. Robin said that “the co-pilot was alive until impact”, one could hear a “steady breathing” on the voice recorder.

The New York Times writes that “Mr. Robin said there was no sound in the cockpit as the pilot struggled to get back inside other than the “normal” breathing of the co-pilot. Before the plane crashed, he said, the sound of passengers screaming could be heard.”

According to CNN, “Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said he was not thinking of the Germanwings crash as a suicide, explaining, “When you are responsible for 150 people, I don’t call it a suicide.”

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr Confirms Information

Meanwhile, Carsten Spohr, the Lufthansa CEO, held a press conference, where he confirmed the information given by the French authorities. He said that he and the whole board “are speechless” facing the new information revealed. He wouldn’t have thought that it could become even worse, two days ago.He also states that Lufthansa does not have “”not have any clues” why the First Officer crashed the aeroplane.

They see, however, also no sign for a terroristic attack. The Co-Pilot was 100% able to fly and has passed all needed medical and psychological tests during his apprenticeship as a pilot.

Spohr said that he still has “firm confidence in the training, qualification and work of all Pilots of the Lufthansa group” and added that the training and recruiting  program of the LH Group pilots is leading in the world. The accident was a “a tragic individual case.”

“If a person kills himself and also 149 other people, another word should be used — not suicide,” Spohr said.

I, dear readers, am deeply shocked. I would never have thought that anything like this could happen at one of the best and safest airlines worldwide. However, Lufthansa and Germanwings have my full trust and I would not hesitate a second to book a flight with them. I can only support Spohr when he says that Lufthansa is leading in safety standards. I will keep you up to date with new info as soon as there is any.

Cheers, AP


14 thoughts on “Germanwings Co-Pilot Said to Crash the A320 deliberately! (Lufthansa Press Conference!)

  1. I really wonder what was going on inside the co-pilotes head that he was able to do something like this. Unbelievable and very, very sad! 😦

  2. Einfach unfassbar, was diesen jungen Mann dazu bewogen hat, die Maschine mit diesen vielen Menschen mit in den Tod zu nehmen. Er hätte sich doch vom Hochhaus stürzen können, wenn er nicht mehr leben wollte. Aber warum dass ???

    G. l. G. Jochen

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