Delicious Dornier and The Blacklist – Manila Airport! 

Finally – the exam period is over and I passed everything! That is why it’s time for some fresh aviation footage for you, dear readers. Enjoy!

This beautiful Dornier 328 was captured at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport of the capital of the Philippines – Manila! I like the purely white livery of this bird. I wonder where it took off to. Note the bigger aircraft in the background, especially the Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 coming from Hong Kong.

©Manuel Rauch

Many Philippine airlines are blacklisted in the EU. That means that is forbidden for them to even enter European airspace due to the lack of safety and/or maintenance standards at some airlines. One famous example for that is the Air Asia branch of the Phillipines, Air Asia Zest. See an Airbus A320 of them below! Even small flaws in the maintenance routine of an aircraft can cause horrible accidents. 

In 2009 not a single airline was allowed to operate in the European Union!

©Manuel Rauch

I am some kind of glad that a list like this exists in the EU. It is crucial for the aviation industry that safety always comes first, no matter what costs occur to maintain it. More pictures of the Philippines will follow soon, so stay tuned. 

Cheers, AP


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