Road to Mustang – A Motorbike Ride through the Himalaya!

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Hello folks, today we will not soar into the sky with an airplane but we will come very close to heaven anyway! My good friend Manuel decided to let go everything back in Germany, grab a motorbike (manufactured in the 50s) and make a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the mountains of the Himalaya, home for the highest and most dangerous mountains of our planet.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the pictures, Manuel shared with me. The beauty of mother earth is just breathtaking sometimes. 🙂

The Road of Mustang leads from Pokhara into the Tibetian Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal. Temperatures varied from minus 12 Celsius at night to plus 25 Celsius throughout the day. Manuel couldn’t complete the entire trip to Muktinath 3800 Meters by bike since the trails were iced-up, so the last miles were taken on the back of a horse!



Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: This is world’s tenth highest mountain, the Annapurna. It is rarely climbed, since it is not only one of the biggest mountains, but also one of the most dangerous ones. Until today, 60 people died trying to reach the top of this beauty, mostly because of avalanches. Only 154 guys made it to the peak.


A tour of 5 days with roundabout 5 to 6 hours on the roads makes hungry – luckily, the dishes offered in Jomsom (3,200 above sea level) and Tatopani were awesome and really affordable (around one buck per dish!). It reminds one of the Indian cuisine in some kind of way, many flavors and spices combined to a firework of tastes. Beer, however, is really expensive up there, they sell it for 5$ per bottle (maybe due to the fact that no local would drink it)


Now let’s move on through beautiful fields:

IMG_1672 IMG_1584 IMG_1466 IMG_1444

Rice is served almost with every meal here. Of course it has to grow somewhere. Nepal and especially the Himalaya is world famous for the highest quality Basmati Rice. The picture below shows just some of the many vast rice fields.


The landscapes were both stunning and bizarre: Just few animals are capable of surviving here. From now on, it started to change from green to a more grayish look.

IMG_1588 IMG_1657 IMG_1669

Here we are: Muktinath, Upper Mustang, on a hight of 3,800 meters. It is a sacred place both for Hindus and BuddhistsIt lies beneath the foot of the mountain Dhaulagiri, the number 7 in height of all mountains worldwide, 8,167 m.

IMG_1723 IMG_1779

The scenery could have been taken out of a Star Wars film, it looks almost like a mixture of the moon, mars, and a desert. Simply amazing!

IMG_1854 IMG_1822 IMG_1891-2 IMG_1897-2 IMG_1981 IMG_2062

This must have been a unforgettable journey. Manuel took a GoPro with him, he captured some scenes for YouTube: Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your experiences in the mountains.

Cheers, Manuel and AP


42 thoughts on “Road to Mustang – A Motorbike Ride through the Himalaya!

  1. I’ve only been driven in the mountains of Denver Colorado. Then on the plain, I saw the peaks of those mountains above some clouds. I wish I’d had a camera handy all those years ago. If possible, I’d return, just for pictures, but my patient’s family flew me there to sit with him and now they’re gone. These pictures here are amazing.

    1. One can rarely find more amazing places in mother earth! That is true, cars would get stuck easily! Manuel told me he used his mobile phone’s GPS to navigate and that he bought a Russian sim card for some Internet access. The coverage was quite decent according to him.

  2. Oooo Ahhh

    I sent a link to this page to my oldest son and his wife. They met, age 14, in motorcycle safety class (required for licensing in USA) .

    Wonderful ride. The roads were better than I expected. 🙂

    1. How coco is that? I really love those couples that meet at young age and stay together. 🙂 Here in Germany, one even has to acquire an extra license in order to take a ride on the bike 😦 Yes, that’s what Manuel told me, many of these streets were quite fine but don not be mislead by the pictures, there were some parts where the horse is the only way to go because of the street’s bad shape 🙂

        1. Kinda hard to keep the overview, isn’t it? Some times it is pretty annoying, even in little Germany, the federal system sometimes leads to chaos when it comes to the school system, infrastructure, etc. 🙂 It is stunning sometimes when I think how big the United States actually are. Just take Texas, its twice as big as Germany!

          1. “… little Germany …” LOL

            The large landscape and long distances do provide much beauty. IF we can refrain from destroying it all with too much “civilization” and “improvements”.

          2. No one thinks of Germany as “little”. (Maybe the odd Russian?)

            ‘Tis the first time I ever saw that written down, anywhere. That is why I LOL. Little and big are relative terms, i.e., dependent on context.

  3. Wahnsinnstolle Landschaft. tolle Bilder. Um diese Reise bist du zu beneiden. Man bekommt richtiges Fernweh, wenn man diese Bilder sieht.

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