(Closed)Final of the Automobile Photo Contest!

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Hello dear readers, no planes at this place, today we move on the ground – it is time for the final of my Automotive Photo Contest!
Quite some pictures 
found their way to me – these were my favorite. No it is up to you to vote for the winner!

Picture #1

This good old beauty comes from Timo Kuballa and his page weneverstoptraveling! Make sure to stop by at this great blog. Typically American – Great 🙂


Picture #2

The next finalist is from the same page! Look how proud that boy is. I love this picture.


Picture #3

This monochrome beauty was handed in by David Madden, he runs a really great photography blog, check it out 🙂


Picture #4

The last submission comes from Belén Strehl, a spanish speaking blogger living in Washington State, US! Go check her out. What a great atmosphere this picture has!

 photo Boondockswatermark.jpg

I would like to thank all contributors that have sent in their awesome rides. Chose the one you like best and share 🙂

Cheers, AP


11 thoughts on “(Closed)Final of the Automobile Photo Contest!

  1. Oh, my picture made it to the final list! Great! How cool! Thank you!! The other pictures are awesome too! Congrats to the finalists!

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