Above the Mountainside – the Amazing Alps!

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Hello ladies, gentlemen, birds and fellow aviation enthusiasts. Finally, the final exams are over (was about time) and there’s now some spare room for sharing the passion of aviation with you again, this time with some little teaser pictures for a bigger photo report of a flight through the Alps.


Kudos for these pictures go to my friend, study mate and flight instructor Manuel Rauch (note that this little baby below is the plane I made my first flight with 🙂 )



Flying in the Mountains – Beauty and Danger side by side!

Mountain flying is great fun and the view is very hard to beat, but it comes with a price: a careful and thorough preflight check of both the aircraft and the route is crucial. Heavy gusts, with up and down drafts can occur, and the weather can turn from beautiful and sunny into foggy and windy in a glance. Icing is also a danger that must not be underestimated.

Due to the height of the mountain area, the engine has less power, which makes steep climbs rather difficult for smaller planes (so better think twice whether you really wanna try to fly over the Matterhorn rather than around it 🙂

The pilot’s gotta be conscious and aware every second – the golden rule of aviation applies perfectly here: If in doubt, keep out! Naturally, strips for emergency landings are rare on this side of the earth.

But I guess these pictures are a fine reward, aren’t they? 🙂




Enjoy the pictures and be prepared for some more aerial views from the mountains and Germany.

Cheers, AP


45 thoughts on “Above the Mountainside – the Amazing Alps!

  1. The last time I flew over the alps I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight for the whole flight. It’s entrancing! And it must be so much better to fly there in a small machine!

  2. I am from austria, so it’s quite easy to see the alps for me, but I’m always so fascinated about how impressive the alps are for me, although I’ve been there such a long time 🙂 it’s really an amazing landscape, your pictures are really great !:)

  3. Beautiful pictures…I remember flying on a small aircraft with 10 other people over the Himalayas to see Mt.Everest from a distance. It was an unforgettable experience. Reminds me of that day…thank you

    1. I am really glad that I could awake some memories of your trip – that must have been awesome, do you have any photographs left of it? Cheers, AP 🙂

            1. Wow, that looks so amazing, especially in these lighting conditions 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 I am really looking forward to the photos my flight instructor will take…he’s currently on a trip through Nepal by bike !

  4. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt, von den vielen schöne Bildern, die du festgehalten hast. Sei dir gegönnt Adventurerider 😉 und wünsche dir weiterhin viel Vergnügen. 🙂 mfg und lg TheMindMen 🙂 *Faust*

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