(Closed) Crushing Cars! – The Automotive Photo Contest!

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Hello folks, today it is time for a new Photo Contest!

We step a bit aside from traveling and aviation. The topic this time: Cars! Of course, aircraft are the superior machines, unmatched in both beauty and elegance (:D), but automobiles are also hell of fun to see and shoot, right?

The rules are easy as f***: post the best shot of a car you have taken personally and post the link into the comments below, and share the contest after your submission. As always I will chose the top 5 if all pictures that you’ll send in to me and let you vote for the winning picture. 

What about the price? I want a price!

The guy who sent in the winning picture can chose between a featuring on my website or a guest article. I am looking forward to see the cars you’ve shot 🙂 Below you can see some pictures I made with my iPhone camera – enjoy!


You have one week from now! Who won my previous Contests? Have a look here and here 🙂
Cheers, AP


25 thoughts on “(Closed) Crushing Cars! – The Automotive Photo Contest!

    1. What an awesome ride. Ans the setting around this old gas station is marvelous. Red is the best color for older cars IMHO – great shot and thanks for submitting it to this contest!

      Do not forget to share the competition in some sort of social network or by reflagging it, if you want 🙂

      Have a great day! AP

    2. Love the iconic image of the car at the old gas station. I wish we could still find many of these around. Should be part of a National Heritage movement to restore these in places, attendants and all. Would be great to have this connection for others to experience.

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