What is a Jumpseat and How Do I Get on It?

Today, I want to share a video of one of my flights in the cockpit with you guys. Fasten your seatbelt – this ride goes to Madrid!

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Sorry for the ancient age quality of the video, I didn’t have a great camera back then, but anyhow: enjoy the video! (I gave camcorder to the captain for a better view)

The hard times after 9/11

Unfortunately it became really hard after the horrible attacks of September 11th back in 2001, to get access to an aeroplanes cockpit inflight. Back in the days, the doors were mostly open, making it easy to watch the pilot’s over the shoulder at work (this was especially exiting for kids :)). This has changed today. There are now thick and code-protected doors that can only be opened by either the captain or the first officer from out of the flight deckThere’s now a little screen inside the cockpit, showing the flying staff who’s in front of the door. “Normal” passengers have almost no chance anymore to get insight the cockpit once the aircraft is airborne.

How to get on the “Jumpseat” today!

Wait – what is a jumpseat? You may know fighter jets! These guys have ejectable seats, for the case that the pilot must exit the cockpit fast if the aircraft gets in a dangerous situation (see one famous video of such an incident here). But today, this term is mainly used for the observer’s seat in a plane’s cockpit! There are few possibilities left to get a chance for a ride on that seat:

  • Being a pilot
  • Being a staff member of an airline
  • Being a relative of an airline’s staff member (Not possible for flights into the US for obvious reasons)
  • Being a rockstar. Or a footballer. Or a famous actor. Or all of it at once! 

Luckily, my mum worked for a big german airline back in the days, making some flights on the jumpseat possible for me.

There Are Some Other Ways to See the Flight Deck!

If you are a big aviation enthusiast and are very eager to see a cockpit from inside, but you do not have any possibility of these I mentioned above, just ask the captain after your flight – often they are very happy that someone shows real interest into their job and let you have a look “inside” 🙂 aaronoliverp_on_Instagram What about you fellas? Did you ever fly in the cockpit? Would you even like to? Hit the comments below 🙂 For another video of mine, click here. Cheers, AP


19 thoughts on “What is a Jumpseat and How Do I Get on It?

  1. Great video. I’ve never been in a jumpseat, but I’ve been on the tiny Lear jets and puddle jumpers. More than once I was seated right behind the cockpit and they left the curtain open. That was before the fantastic automation they have today, so it was quite entertaining watching the pilot and copilot as they landed those little jets.

    1. Thank you Timothy. I recon this is more than fantastic, today’s airliner cockpit are not as exiting as the old ones IMHO, all the “clockwork” and old-fashioned instruments are a joy to see for me! Do you have any footage of these flights left? I’d love to see it!

      1. I didn’t have anything to film them with back then. These were business flights out of Albuquerque when they still offered service to small towns in New Mexico and Arizona in the early 1990’s. One of the most exciting flights was on a twin engine Cessna into the middle of Monument Valley for site work on a master plan I was working on. The pilot landed on a short, dirt runway with a shear cliff at the end of the runway.

        1. What a shame 😦 But that sounds really exiting. Airports like this are the exact reason why I’d prefer to be an executive pilot over an airline pilot, because you get to see way more different airport than a pilot who flies for an airline with a fix schedule.

          1. I know a guy who flies a medivac-type Lear jet almost every night to pick up people sick and injured on cruise ships and vacations from pretty much anywhere in North and South America. I think it would be fun to go on one of those flights.

  2. It was really cool to see the landing on the runway in your video! Oh, and I have a question about the Mig 29 accident – how come the pilot had time to direct the plane to the grass? I mean, he did have to think about it first and consider his options, because he said his first instinct was to save the plane, but when that wasn’t possible he directed it towards the grass so as not to harm anyone. But I just can’t imagine how it’s possible to think so quickly; he literally only milliseconds for those thoughts to occur to him. Or do you think he knew something was wrong way before the engine went on fire, and that’s why he had time to think?

    I’ve never been in a cockpit but I would love to one day. I will try to become a rockstar as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I might be better off asking the staff.

    I think it would be great to learn how to fly a plane, I might do it sometime.
    Have a good day!

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