+++Winner+++ of the Winter Photo Contest !

Püttmann's Blog
Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers, my trip to Stockholm is over (unfortunately), but before I share the pictures to you, I want to show you the awesome winners of my WINTER PHOTO CONTEST

Number One: Picture #5 !

The winning picture was sent in by David W. Madden ! It holds a share of 28.21% of all votes ! Make sure to visit his awesome website dealing with photography of shadows, light and life !

Winter in Autum

Congrats David ! What a great picture, one does not get to see snow on leaves often !

Number Two: Picture #2

The silver medal goes to a fellow aviator, Orin Bakal-Molnar, a soon-to-be helicopter pilot with an amazing blog about his training and work ! Congratulations !


Number Three: Picture #4

Last but not least, the third place of the competition. It goes to Werner, who blogs about poetry combined with great photos ! Click here to visit his awesome blog !


Herzlichen Glückwunsch Werner !

I hope all participants had some fun contributing to my photo contest. Be prepared for the next one in spring 🙂
Now I hope, that winter is finally over, soon 😀

Cheers, AP !


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