Virgin Islands !

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Arrrrr, good morning ol’ pals !

A good friend of mine – Manuel Rauch – has spent his holidays on the Virgin Islands ! As a little teaser for a longer photo collection of this trip, here’s tis picture 🙂


So, dear readers, be prepared. And also be prepared for some great footage of Sweden’s capital: Stockholm !

The flights are booked, the trip starts at Friday 0705 CET ! I’ve never been that far up in the north before, so I am pretty exited.

Stay tuned, and do not forget to vote the winner of my Wonderful Winter Photo Contest !

Cheers, Aaron Püttmann


11 thoughts on “Virgin Islands !

  1. He, mein erster Folllower, Danke 🙂 Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes beflügelnd dein Blog.
    VIel Erfolg im Studium und auch sonst gut Flug!
    LG Goldregen

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