+++The WINNER of the Fantastic Fall ! Contest+++

Dear fellow bloggers, readers, ladies, gentlemen, elephants and aliens. The time has come: We have found the winner of the Fantastic Fall Contest !!!

Picture 3 has WON !

The winning picture comes from the BLOG “Schlagdenmueller” with this wonderful contribution from Scotland ! Congratulations from my side 🙂 You guys better make sure to visit her great blog, as all of you know, Scotland has much to offer – enjoy !


The second place goes to Picture 5

CongratulationsLook at these great colors, the leaves, the water that all fit together so well, creating a perfect contribution to this contest ! Jordan from Ontario has put out some really nice work. Thank you 🙂 ! This is her blog !


The third place goes to Picture 3 !

This baby is taken by Todd Fong the former Executive Director of World Christian Fellowship currently based in Japan ! Make sure to have a look at his great BLOG ! Thank you for this awesome contribution !


For the sake of transparency, here’s a screenshot of the final state of the vote !


These were strong pictures, huh ? Wow ! I would like to thank number 4 and 5, namely DEBBIE and wangtiantian ! Your pictures were awesome and I definitely hope that you guys will be contributing in my next contest 🙂

Of course the credits have also to go out to the numerous other pictures I received. You are great !
I would never have thought that this first try of a contest on my blog would lead to so much participation. That is stunning. Thank you ! If you want to see all the other pictures that were sent in, make sure to check THIS COMMENT SECTION.

See you in the next one,

Cheers, Aaron Püttmann


6 thoughts on “+++The WINNER of the Fantastic Fall ! Contest+++

  1. Thanks for all the votes 🙂 And congrats to picture 5 & 2!
    Both pictures are beautiful, but I have to say my favourite was/ is Nr. 2! I like the coloures of the leaves, they are amazing.

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