+++FINAL of the Fantastic Fall ! Contest+++

Hello ladies and gents, you guys were awesome.

I would never have thought that so many of you would contribute at my  Fantastic Fall ! Photo contest. A total number of twenty pictures reached me in the comments !

Let me tell you something: I cannot chose the winner on my own !
Anyways, there must be a winner right ? So here are my personal Top 5 ! I let you guys vote !

Picture 1

The colours of Indian Summer can be just stunning. This beauty was taken at a place where you wouldn’t expect autumn at all: Texas ! Debbie ? Great job ! Click HERE to see her awesome poetry !


Picture 2

This baby is taken by Todd Fong the former Executive Director of World Christian Fellowship currently based in Japan ! Make sure to have a look at his great BLOG !


Picture 3

As some of you know, I love Scotland ! This contribution came in from a young german folk who finished a-levels and is now exploring this great country. Have a look on all the other great pictures on her BLOG !!!


Picture 4

This Beauty comes from the wonderful Blog Ourchinesewedding ! This Blog is all about a German girl living in China to merry her chines fiancé ! Make sure to check it out, especially the other pictures that I connected to the link above ! I love that mysterious mood exerted by the foggy background !


Picture 5

The last of my Top 5 is a great picture taken by Jordan, a young girl from Ontario with a passion for photography and diving. Damn, look at the colors of those leaves 🙂
If you like great travel and photography blogs, you will love THIS ONE 


Now it is all up to you !!! What is your favorite pictures ?

To all the others who have not won: your pictures were awesome too, THANK you for taking part and making this competition a success 🙂 Make sure that you take part again in my next context 🙂

Cheers, Aaron Püttmann !


18 thoughts on “+++FINAL of the Fantastic Fall ! Contest+++

  1. Reblogged this on year 24 – travel.diving.photography.food. and commented:
    Hey everyone! It’s been a quiet couple of weeks @ Year 24 but I am very excited to say that one of my photos is being featured in a Fall Colors Contest, hosted by Puttmann’s Blog! So go check out the Top 5 Best, and vote for your favorite!

    Stay tuned for an update this week. It’s overdue, and I’ve got loooooot’s to talk about! Thanks for the feature, Puttmann! 🙂

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