Cloudy Cologne Bonn !

Hello my dear readers and all the other that happen to be here, before my Fantastic Fall Contest ends, I’d like to share this panorama of cologne bonn airport with you as a teaser for an upcoming airport report of EDDK! As you can see, it is pretty quiet in CGN around the afternoon, before the big freighters of UPS (CGN is their central in Europe, by the way) and FedEx come in. The tiny Air Berlin Airbus A319 seems to have the whole airport for its one !


Though this picture has only been taken with a smartphone’s camera, one can beautifully see the upcoming rain in the horizon. I guess a ride in a plane would have been sort of shaky that day. I personally like turbulences while I’m flying, the cloud formation of thunderstorms are both scary and amazing. Well, of course the fun stops if the plane hits some clear air turbulences and suddenly loses 200 ft of height at once ! This happened to me quite some years ago, one of the flight attendants even broke her leg ! I guess this is what seat belts are for, right ? 😉

Have you ever made experiences with severe turbulences ? Do you even have pictures of ’em ? Great ! Share the hell out of them in the comments ! As always spurred the word and feel free to share my pictures all over the web !

Cheers, Aaron Püttmann


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