Dawn of the Drones ! +++Video+++

Hello fellow readers, bloggers, humans and aliens!

There’s been a huge hype about drones and quadrocopters for the last couple of months – I guess this is a form of aviation, too, right ? So, let’s deal with it. Amazon announced its program “Amazon Air” recently, with the aim to deliver their packages even faster with drones politicians fear terroristic attacks performed by quadrocopter, and a company even announced a little version of a quadrocopter that can be worn on the wrist of your arms !

One can think what he wants about this controversial topic, but I definitely think that these little things are about to take video-and photography to a whole new level ! Starting with prices as cheap as 70€, every single talented (and of course less talented) photographer, even with monetary limits, has the possibility to make his great ideas come alive.

I would like to share the work of a friend of mine to you. His name is Christian Franke, an example of a young and very sophisticated and talented photographer located in Neuss, Germany (what happens to be my hometown 🙂 ). He captured amazing aerial views with his quadrocopter and camera, I think that the result is stunning !

Make sure to hit the thumbs up button to support his work and to also visit his Facebook Fanpage and hit the like button ! https://www.facebook.com/ChristianFrankeFoto?fref=ts

Have fun watching this great video ! What is your personal opinion of the rising success of drones ? Is it the best thing that happened in a couple of years ? Are they a threat ? Let me know in the comments.

See you in the next post,

Cheers, Aaron Püttmann


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