Splendid Scotland!

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Hello readers,
It is time for some impressions from my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.


The journey took place back in autumn 2012 (that is why the Germanwings A319 still has the old livery 🙂 ).

So, we’re ready to go. We took off in Cologne, a very interesting airport (and one of the only bigger airports in Germany that is allowed to operate 365/24/7, ridiculous, huh?), capable of handling all kind of aircraft with its 3800m runway 14L/32R,…but hey, more about CGN in another article, this one is about Scotland, right ? 🙂

So, we approached EDI, the weather was quite fair, but far away from sunny. Have a look at the video I took! (Sorry for holding my mobile phone that way, I was young and stupid 🙂 )

I was kind of thrilled since this was my first visit of the britisch island. Dùn Èideann (Scottish Gaelic for Edinburgh) has roughly 480,000 inhabitants, making this city number two in Scotland in terms of people living there. And what shall I say ? I was stunned! I have rarely seen a beautiful city like this before, all of Edinburgh looks like one giant old town ! I guess i just let some pictures talk (sort of reminds of Hogwarts, right?)

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The pubs were – of course – also really nice. We’ve spent quite some time in this one in Edinburgh’s inner city.


All in all I can highly recommend visiting this city, it has a lot to offer, both if you are a fan of architecture or cultural life or even partying. But there is obviously much more to see in Scotland, for example the Highlands. These landscapes are simply stunning and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful all over Europe. I am quite upset that I did not have access to a better camera than the one that was built into my smartphone’s one on that particular trip. 😀

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At the end of our trip, We visited Stirling Castle, this baby has seen dozens of historical battles, since it is located at a very strategic location at the River Forth. Throughout the ages, many Scottish Kings were crowned here.

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Sadly, my trip was over after 7 days. The view right after the departure in EDI was awesome, and, as you can see, the weather back in Germany was a mess !

Just one week was way too less time to see everything I’d have liked to see and I will definitely fly over to the island again.
Have you ever been the Scotland ? How did you like it ? Comment!

Cheers, AP


67 thoughts on “Splendid Scotland!

  1. Really enjoyed looking at your post and glad you enjoyed your Scottish visit! Being a Scot it’s nice to know people enjoy coming over to visit. I’ll shortly be putting up a post of images taken from around my area. Keep a look out!

  2. I’ve never been to Scotland (closest has been arriving in the north of England on the way to Blackpool) but hope to get to Edinburgh, largely for its historical interest.

  3. I like the breathtaking photos. I’ve never been to Scotland but met some cool Scottish dudes back at Uni. Hope to travel the world like you’re doing. Enjoy!

    1. Das kann man wohl sagen 🙂
      Top, da muss ich mich mal nach umschauen.
      Germanwings ist aber auch top von CGN und DUS aus momentan 🙂 Im nächsten Jahr vielleicht wieder…:)

  4. I love reading about other people’s travels! What a great idea, adding in mini-movies of take-off and landing. Loved it! I was only 7 when I visited Scotland with my parents and older brother. We saw relatives and traveled around the countryside. I recall Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, various old ruins and hills which made you feel like your stomach flew upwards when driving over them!!! Powdery Edinburgh Rock- tasted for the first time (loved all but the ginger flavour!) and the scenery was breathtaking. I recall Mum and Dad doing some Scottish Country dancing including “Strip The Willow” and I took up the hobby of Scottish dancing just under 7 years later. I hope to return someday- I have a long Scottish heritage on my father’s paternal side.

    1. Yeah, the technological advances are really impressive!! That is true indeed, the landscape this country has to offer is simply breathtaking!

      Thanks for dropping in, best wishes,


  5. Wahnsinn! So schöne Fotos. Schottland ist schon so lange eine Wunschdestination, aber bis jetzt habe ich es noch nicht bis dorthin geschafft. Aber die Motovation ist grad wieder gestiegen!

  6. Yeah, I also been there on these places. I’ve been there, I was there, I was visiting…. Why germans always try to speak and write in their own kind of silly-english? Thats way sicherheitshalber auf deutsch: Schottland fetzt.

    1. I do not consider my English to be silly, dennoch bin ich gerne für Anregungen zu haben.

      Schottland fetzt wirklich 😉
      Grüße, AP

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