Canadair Cockpit !

Hello my dear readers, finally a new post from me, I am really sorry for the delay but I am really busy with the preparation for the statistics exam (let’s hope the time I spent learning was worth it). 😀

I took this picture on my last jumpsuit flight from Düsseldorf to Vienna, the weather was decent that day.


How do you like that picture ? Have you ever been to Vienna or even Düsseldorf ? Comment !
Cheers, AP

PS: Stay for some really nice pictures from my trip to Edinburgh !


4 thoughts on “Canadair Cockpit !

  1. We were supposed to fly to Vienna from Venice, via Düsseldorf this June. Unfortunately, our flight to Venice was delayed, so we missed the connection and ended up getting the night train to Vienna instead.

      1. Too true. Although we’ve generally been pretty lucky. The Venice/Vienna debacle was by far our worst experience, so I guess i should be grateful.

        Hopeful our flights to Miami and then on to San Juan tomorrow will go without any hitches!

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