Aviation – The Invisible Highway

This, dear readers, is a trailer that left me speechless.

“Aviation – The Invisible Highway”, coming to us in 2015, will show us how far mankind got. Have fun with this amazing pice of art.

Aviation: The Invisible Highway – Official Trailer #1 – documentary narrated by Harrison Ford from Aviation: The Invisible Highway on Vimeo.

A trailer of just two minutes shows perfectly, why I love aviation. I am so looking forward to this film. What do you think ?

Cheers, AP


9 thoughts on “Aviation – The Invisible Highway

  1. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing this trailer, I’m definitely looking forward to the documentary. I am often amazed at just how ordinary flight has become in such a short time. I still find every flight nothing short of extraordinary!

  2. Thanks for posting. Flying and things related to it have always fascinated me. The part about how flying has become ordinary reminded me of Louis CK’s “Flying is a Miracle” routine.

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