Initiator of “Ice Bucket Challenge” found DEAD

Corey Griffin, the inventor of the ice bucket challenge, is dead. Griffin drowned at the harbor basin of Nantucket after he jumped of a building’s roof.

Griffin was traveling through Nantucket for a week in order to collect donations against the ALS disease. After he reached to enormous amount of 100,000 $, he organizes a celebration at the local beach in order to celebrate this success.

In his euphoria, the police report says, Griffin climbed a roof top and jumped into a basin and drowned afterwards.

Just hours before he called his dad, who told the “Boston Globe”, that he was the “luckiest man on earth when he called me”

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a huge success, countless celebrities all over the globe contributed, amongst them were for example Microsoft founderBill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and even Dan Bilzerian

The aim of the challenge is to raise the awareness of ALS, a lethal neural disease.

Rest in peace Corey,


Here are some videos of the challenge.





8 thoughts on “Initiator of “Ice Bucket Challenge” found DEAD

  1. This is obviously very sad. When visiting my family in Liverpool in late August I was persuaded to participate in the ice bucket challenge. However, for various reasons the challenge never took place and i returned to my home in London without having been drenched in ice cold water!

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